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‘Survivor’ Power Rankings: Tocantins’ Favorite Debra Beebe

April 20, 2010

The Rules: Each week a member of our “Survivor” All-Star team and your beloved “Survivor” recapper Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if Jerri is voted out this week, Fancast’s “Survivor” All-Star Team will receive 8 points and Gordon will receive 6 points. At the end of the season, the person (or team) with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Eliza Orlins won one for the All-Star squad as she had Courtney in spot ten while I had her in spot nine. The current score is now All Stars: 75, Team Gordon: 100.

Before we sound the bell on this Power Rankings battle, let’s take a minute to check in with Debra Beebe…

Gordon Holmes: It’s been less than a year since we saw you on “Survivor: Tocantins.” Has being on the show changed your everyday life at all?
Debra Beebe:
Yes! Being on “Survivor” changed my life in so many ways. As a Principal, I now know what it is like for a child to come to school starving and being asked to perform. I also know how they feel when they have nothing and lose something. It has also taught me how kids feel when there are cliques, groups and feel like an outsider. Having to learn how to deal with people from various backgrounds, beliefs and values is extremely difficult, our kids go through this daily. The bullying not only exists in “Survivor” but also in Middle School. I have a new respect for the “little things” that we take for granted daily. In my season, we had nothing. I am really jealous seeing all of the clothes and hats this season. Ha. “Survivor” showed me I am a stronger person than I knew. I went through a very public divorce a year ago and the strength I gained from my experiences on “Survivor,” my new Tocantins family, my new-found confidence helped me through the difficult situation. I am back to being a Principal, mother and daughter. I feel truly blessed that “Survivor” came into my life and changed me forever.  It was by far the hardest thing I have ever done mentally and physically but also the most rewarding. “Survivor” will always be a part of my life.

Gordon: Your former cast mate, the lovely and talented Tamara “Taj” George is a former Power Rankings champion. Does that put a little extra pressure on you, knowing you have to uphold Tocantins’ proud tradition of Power Rankings victories?
Ha…heck, not sure if I can beat Taj at anything, but maybe dancing! I have begged her to let me be a back-up dancer for her group but she has yet to take me up on it… Yes! The pressure is on, the Tocantins cast has to continue to rule! Since I did not win, I need the Power Ranking victory badly!
Gordon: Don’t feel too bad, I’ve been trying to get Taj to let me sing back-up for SWV for months.

Gordon: Another former cast mate of yours, JT, made a very bold move last week by giving his immunity idol to Russell. How do you think that move is going to turn out for him?
Well, I had to rank him 10th for that move. I was screaming at the TV, “NO, JT! DON’T DO IT!”  I know he is going to get a ton of crap for that one.  For some reason he is playing a different game this season, he is scrambling much more than in Tocantins. However, I still love this guy and will always have his back, even though the butt voted me out!

Gordon: This last question is a bit more important than the bold game play we’ve seen this season: what do you think of the sweet robes Coach wore to the last tribal council?
Coach and his attire…where do I start? The first time I actually saw Coach was in casting in LA. I was in the glass elevator going to my room and I saw this figure coming out of breakfast (yes! a public breakfast in a hotel) he had on a long RED silk Samurai-looking robe with socks and sandals and his hair in a knot to round out the look. He actually made movements to make the robe “fly” from his sides. I had never seen anything like it in my life! I died laughing…little did I know he would be in my life forever. When I realized not only was this guy chosen for the show, but we were on the same tribe, I laughed out loud! Believe it or not, I was the one tying feathers to his ears in our season for Tribal. Tyson and I warned him not to accessorize this season with feathers in his ears and hair, obviously he did not listen. We did become forever friends on the show and I now have learned to accept his “quirkiness.”

Debra Beebe’s Picks
All-Star Team’s Current Score: 75

parvati #1 Parvati: She knows this game as well as anyone and has 100 days playing to prove it. Her sweet disposition and smile are deceiving…she has already proven that she can deceive her closest ally, Russell.
russell(2) #2 Russell: He has changed the game of “Survivor.” We have never seen a player find idols, manipulate people and stay in the game like this guy. Heck, my beloved JT even GAVE HIM ONE!
danielle #3 Danielle: Danielle was with Parvati when she found the idol. This is going to work to her advantage. Parvati and Russell are united and if Parvati crosses Danielle, she will tell Russell about Parvati’s idol and deception.
sandra #4 Sandra: I think Sandra is going to surprise everyone. She is playing a great game. I loved how she convinced Russell that Coach was out to get him. Sandra also knows this game and it does not matter how you perform in challenges this season. I love her and how she bluntly speaks her mind to the cameras but is quietly sly in the game.
amanda #5 Amanda: Again, she knows the game. She seems to be laying low, not causing issues with anyone and is waiting to make a move. She also has played “Survivor” 100 days…
rupert #6 Rupert: Oh my gosh, did you see him come out of the mud? He looked like the creature on Pirates of the Caribbean! Everyone thinks Rupert is sweet and kind, he is, but he will eventually have to go because too many people like him and he will be a threat if he makes it to final Tribal.
candice #7 Candice: She states her mind and I think Russell will be out to get her soon. She also performs too well in the challenges.
jerri #8 Jerri: She does not have any solid alliances, this will eventually get her. Jerri can lose it and let her mouth run. I don’t see her meshing too well with Russell and Parvati.
colby #9 Colby: He will be a big threat to Russell when they merge. Colby is likable and is a physical threat at this point in the game. Russell can’t risk him winning immunity idols. Plus, all of the girls think he is hot and Russell will be jealous.
jt #10 JT: My saddest pick.  I love this guy and consider him family. I think giving Russell the idol and the note will result in elimination immediately when they merge. Parvati knows that he wanted her voted off so she will turn the tables…I am sorry, brother!

Gordon Holmes’s Picks
Gordon’s Current Score: 100

russell(2) #1 Russell: I’m not sure what Russell’s luxury item was, but I’m going to assume it was a rabbit foot wearing a horse shoe. Without JT’s generous gift, Sandra could have become a real problem for Russell’s alliance, but I think Russell and his crew will be enjoying the Samoan wilderness for a while.
danielle #2 Danielle: Parvati trusts her, Russell needs her vote, and she’s probably last on Sandra’s Villains hate list. Danielle looks to be in good shape for the time being.
candice #3 Candice: We’re headed to merge-ville and, shock of shocks, Candice is still alive and kicking. I had her last in the Heroes tribe for a while. Now that she’s made the merge, I think she could coast for a while. Or even better, she could replace wishy-washy Jerri in Russell’s alliance.
parvati #4 Parvati: Why don’t I have Parvati higher? Because I’m worried about how Russell will react if he finds out about her immunity idol.
rupert #5 Rupert: Rupert said he was the strongest person remaining in the game. He may have a point there. He’s going to need to rattle off some immunity wins to stick around. On a side note, what is the merge tribe’s name? The Hillains? The Veroes? My vote? Nobag.
jerri #6 Jerri: Russell admitted last week that he trusts Jerri. I’m not sure why, considering how back-and-forth she’s been. But it should keep her safe for a while.
amanda #7 Amanda: I’m thinking Amanda is very high on Russell’s boot list. Everyone this season has been afraid of a post-merge Micronesian alliance. Now that the merge is here, he’s going to want Parvati to prove that she’s on his side.
jt #8 JT: Oh, JT. You’re going to get so much grief over making the “Dumbest Move In ‘Survivor’ History,” and I’m not sure that you deserve it. I’ll do my best to make people call it the “Craziest Gamble In ‘Survivor’ History.”
colby #9 Colby: Whether or not Colby stays in the game depends on two things; whether he’s able to win individual immunity and if Russell finds out that Sandra is ratting him out to the Heroes tribe.
sandra #10 Sandra: Frankly, I was shocked to see Sandra make a move toward the Heroes camp in the preview. Numbers-wise that doesn’t seem like the strongest move. It also seems to go against her “Anyone but me” strategy.

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