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‘Survivor’ Castaway Hali: ‘I Think Sierra Legitimately Thinks That I Was a Nothing Player’

April 20, 2017

“Survivor: Game Changers” (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: It seemed odd to me to target people on the outs, why didn’t they try to bring you in?
Hali Ford: I don’t know! (Laughs) My assessment then was that they were trying to buy time. Nuku’s plan for the merge started at that original tribe separation. I think they planned to be Nuku strong until the end.

Holmes: Before the game, I interviewed both you and tall Sierra. And you both said you weren’t working together. And I nodded and smiled but I was thinking (expletive deleted).
Ford: (Laughs)
Holmes: And then you get out there and that was totally the case. What was your relationship like?
Ford: I think the potential chance was destroyed at the Malcolm vote when I showed that I was more willing to work with the Mana tribe than to stick with Brad and Sierra.
Holmes: What was your best outcome during that Tribal?
Ford: I was trying to throw Brad under the bus, but it didn’t work out that way. I think that broke any feeble rapport we had built. I tried to bring it back, but it felt fake out there. It was somewhat real. On the last day, Sierra told me that my name was on the chopping block and that it was me or Michaela. So maybe she was trying to extend the olive branch. She could’ve made a move. She could have easily brought me and Michaela in. I spent the day telling them how stupid it was to not start taking out actual threats.

Holmes: Not now, but at the time your torch was snuffed, who did you hold responsible?
Ford: At that time…I was seeing it as a group thing. I wasn’t mad at one person.
Holmes: Now that you’ve seen the episode and you’ve seen how the politicking went down, did that change your opinion at all?
Ford: Yeah. I really thought Sierra was more on my side. I didn’t have any grudges or hard feelings about Sierra at the time I was voted out. But now after seeing the episode, I’m frustrated with Sierra. I think we could have done something.

Holmes: At the merge we have this mega alliance that is made up of Ozzy’s faction and Brad and Sierra’s faction, is any one person standing out as the person that’s running the show?
Ford: I saw people coming to Ozzy a lot. Looking at the episode it seems like Zeke was more of the orchestrator. But, on the beach I saw people coming up to Ozzy. I saw people counting numbers on their fingers with Ozzy. When Ozzy got voted out, I was praising him as a strategic player. That was my understanding at the time was that he was the puppeteer. But now that I’ve seen it seems like Zeke and Sierra were running things.

Holmes: Sierra said she had reason to believe that you had an idol.
Ford: That was ridiculous.
Holmes: Do you think she believed that or was she using it as a reason to target you?
Ford: I think Sierra legitimately thinks that I was a nothing player. There was no way that I could be playing the game, there must be some other reason that I’m confident.
Holmes: You did have a very different swagger this season. That was noticeable when you volunteered to do the solo swimming leg of the first challenge.
Ford: I applied myself this game…with no better results. (Laughs)
Holmes: (Laughs)
Ford: I’m happier with what I did. The first season when I was going in I was in an entirely different headspace. I thought it was entirely random that I was going on “Survivor” and some big things had just happened back home to distract me from the game. It was not my number one priority. But, going into this game, I had a vendetta, something to prove. I really poured myself into this game.
Holmes: Is there any concern that this rift with Sierra could tear the Dirty 30 apart?
Ford: No. I love Mike. I’ve been hanging out with Jenn and Mike and Tyler. I’d love to hang out with Sierra again. I don’t have any bitterness against Sierra outside of the game. She’s this sweet, incredibly impressive rodeo queen. I have nothing but respect for that girl.

Holmes: Alright, it’s time for the longest word association ever. Let’s start with Malcolm.
Ford: Nerdy, brilliant stud.
Holmes: Sandra?
Ford: Hilarious, cream of the crop, everlasting queen.
Holmes: Varner?
Ford: Misunderstood, judged, abused.
Holmes: Tall Sierra?
Ford: Sweet, caring, why?
Holmes: Medium Ciera?
Ford: Smart, out-of-the-loop, bad luck.
Holmes: Michaela?
Ford: One-of-a-kind, senior citizen in a millennial’s body.
Holmes: Tai?
Ford: Salt of the Earth, plant master.
Holmes: Caleb?
Ford: Hulk.
Holmes: Troyzan?
Ford: He’ll appreciate this; green monster. We’ll just leave it at that.
Holmes: Please. Tony?
Ford: Are you on meth?
Holmes: Debbie?
Ford: Gosh…delightfully delusional.
Holmes: Brad?
Ford: Soft-hearted macho man.
Holmes: Ozzy?
Ford: “Survivor” super hero.
Holmes: Zeke?
Ford: Strong, impressive human being.
Holmes: Andrea?
Ford: My pick for the win.
Holmes: Cirie?
Ford: “Survivor” master.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Sarah.
Ford: Silent assassin.

Holmes: You were a central part of Debbie’s weird meltdown after the balance beam challenge. It was so odd and big that I almost wondered if it was faked to throw people off the scent that her and Brad were working together. What was your take on that?
Ford: At the time she was freaking out I thought it was entirely real. If that was acting, she deserves an Oscar. She was hysterically laughing and screaming. She was down the beach just screaming by herself at one point. I think that when she was acting drunk, I knew that that was fake. She wasn’t drunk. Debbie is an actress. I think a lot of what she did with Brad was rooted in something real, but most of it was a show, actually.

Holmes: Has this experience changed your love for nature, or is that still going strong?
Ford: (Laughs) I think it put a damper on my love for nature. Before “Survivor” I loved camping, now I’m good to just sleep in my car.

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‘Survivor’ Hali: “I Don’t Have Any Intention of Working with Sierra. Our Trust Is Pretty Much Gone”

February 17, 2017

Hali Ford (CBS)

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Name: Hali Ford
Age: 26
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Previously Played On:
“Survivor: Worlds Apart” – Finished 11th and Jury Member
Best Known For: Loving nature.

Gordon Holmes: First and foremost, do you still love nature?
Hali Ford: (Laughs) I do still love nature.
Holmes: That was for Jenn, your Dirty 30 sister.
Ford: (Laughs) Dirty 30 for life! Four of us got tattoos together.
Holmes: Oh boy…that’s horrible. What is it?
Ford: It says “Whatever,” and it has a little 30. I’m not fully committed.
Holmes: Is it in a place that’s OK to show to a married man?
Ford: (Laughs) Yes, it’s on my wrist.
Holmes: Look at you! Will 34 get a cool cliquey name?
Ford: No, when your last tattoo says “Whatever,” it’s probably time to stop.

Holmes: How did you feel about this Game Changers title?
Ford: I was shocked to hear that I was grouped with a bunch of game changers. I thought I played a bad game. I never really got started. I wanted to change the game. Right as I was leaving I wanted to start a girls’ coup and overthrow the Blue Collars and switch up the game, but nobody would go with me. I think I acted too late. I changed the game a little bit on Nagarote because Max went home because of me. I lobbied for Shirin to stay. Besides that, I don’t think I did much of anything.
Holmes: As somebody who feels like she didn’t do enough last time, does that inspire you to come in here and kick ass?
Ford: Absolutely, I was pissed off after my last season and I couldn’t wait to get back out here. I just didn’t think I’d be given the opportunity. I need to be proud of what I do out here because I wasn’t proud of my last game. I have really high standards in anything I do. I need to get “Survivor” into a good place.
Holmes: Is that a million dollar check?
Ford: Not necessarily. There’s too much luck in “Survivor” to bet on winning. But I need to play a game I’m really proud of. I want to do big moves. I want to play a subtle game, but I want to have a big effect. I want to be very influential in this game.
Holmes: Game Changer is kind of a grandiose term. Does the weight of that concern you?
Ford: No, in my life I’ve been thrown into situations where I don’t feel competent, and then that gets me excited enough to become competent. When I was in the No Collar tribe, it didn’t take anything for me to be in the core of that alliance. It was just making friends. And the second you showed strategic thoughts you got voted out. I don’t know if I’m the turtle that stays the same size of the aquarium it’s in or not. But, I think that pretty immediately out here I’m going to become a peer among these people.

Holmes: You’re a lawyer now? You passed the bar?
Ford: Yes I did.
Holmes: So, you’re white collar now?
Ford: (Laughs) I don’t know. I work for criminals, so I don’t know what that makes me.

Holmes: How do you feel about this cast?
Ford: I think everybody out here is going to be super fun to be around. It’s an intimidating cast. I’m excited about the caliber of people I’ll be working with. There aren’t any easy boots. There aren’t any weakling stragglers. Maybe one or two…
Holmes: Who are our weakling stragglers?
Ford: The big guy Jeff. I don’t think he’s going to hold up. But I haven’t seen every season. I haven’t seen him play, I don’t know what he’s about. I don’t see him going far. And Debbie, I don’t see her being too strong. She looks like the oldest person out here.

Holmes: Anyone you’re hoping to work with?
Ford: Aubry. I think she’s cool, she’s kind of nerdy. I like her style. The brown-haired Ciera I could work with. And some of the veteran players like Cirie. You’ve got to look out for her, but I’d rather be with her than against her. I like her as a person. And I think I could work with Malcolm or Ozzy, but probably not both.
Holmes: What’s your relationship like with blonde-haired Sierra?
Ford: I don’t have any intention of working with Sierra. Our trust is pretty much gone. The minute I found out she was on, I was like, “Oh great! I’ve got a shoo-in alliance.” But it didn’t take ten minutes to think back about how she played. I don’t want to play with someone who played like she played. I obviously can’t read her or persuade her. Maybe I did read her and she changed her mind?
Holmes: Malcolm dated So from your season. Do you and he have any kind of friendship?
Ford: We’ve hung out a couple of times. We all went to an arcade one night and hung out. He’s cool, he’s fun. He’s wise, too. I’d like to be good friends with him.

Holmes: There are two people here you don’t know. How do you deal with Zeke and Michaela?
Ford: I didn’t stack my deck as thick as I could because I haven’t seen the past three seasons.
Holmes: Blasphemy.
Ford: I don’t have a TV! I live in a trailer. My trailer park Wi-fi can’t stream that stuff. I think it’s an advantage though. It’s good to know your enemy, but it’s also good to take first impressions of people. I might have a fresh approach that could be an advantage.

Holmes: There are four people from Kaoh Rong. How do you deal with that?
Ford: I don’t know! I need to get some intel from people who saw that season to see if they like each other. It’s really easy to see on “Survivor” who likes each other and who doesn’t. They sit together, they sleep by each other, it’s not going to be hard to figure that out. I don’t like the idea of four people who’ve played together, but if it’s like me and Sierra…I don’t think we’re going to work together. It’s like Sarah and Tony. It seemed like they hated each other at the end. But four people? They’ve got a target on their back.

Holmes: Alright, I’m going to give you arguments that people will use against you. I need you to counter them. I want you gone, you tell people why they should keep you around.
Ford: (Laughs) I don’t think you want me gone.
Holmes: I had to dig deep to find these reasons because you’re delightful.
Ford: And I’m not a threat.
Holmes: Hali’s a lawyer though. I don’t want to go to final Tribal with a lawyer. Let’s boot her.
Ford: First of all, you can’t play the first half of the game like that. You can’t think that far ahead. And my whole personality is fairly disarming. I become a different person in front of a judge. But, that’s not my personality. I thought of lying to everyone and saying I failed the bar, but a lie is more detrimental that the truth.

Holmes: Hali is way too likable. I don’t want her to get into the finals.
Ford: Look at me! I’m totally docile. I’m going to fly under the radar.
Holmes: That was my next one! Hali’s going to fly under the radar and take my million!
Ford: (Laughs) I guess I’ll have to fly under the radar even more.
Holmes: Under under the radar?
Ford: Exactly.

Holmes: Are you a part of any pre-season alliances? Have you heard any rumors?
Ford: People talk. Everyone talks in the “Survivor” community. But, I’m pretty removed from that. I did that purposefully. People make pre-season alliances and maybe they don’t turn into anything…or maybe they do. But, you’re still going to need other numbers. I wanted to start fresh. The beach is going to be my day one. I’ve already identified people I’m going to approach first.

Holmes: You’re in lockdown now. But, people wink and smile at each other. Have you been doing any of that?
Ford: Oh, totally. I’m working it. I’ve had talks mostly with Cirie. I really do want to work with her. Ozzy and Malcolm I’ve shared some words with and glances. Oddly enough, I’ve laughed with Tony a lot and Sarah.
Holmes: Have you caught anyone else sharing glances?
Ford: You know who’s going around and talking to everyone? Tai. He just walks up to people and starts conversations. You can’t do that. Everytime I see him, he’s talking to someone.

Holmes: Alright, I have a deck of cards with every player here except for Zeke and Michaela, because we don’t know them yet. I’m going to take this lawyer who doesn’t watch enough “Survivor” out as well. I’ll hand you three at random and you tell me who you’re going to vote out first, who you’ll work with and eventually eliminate, and who you’ll take to the end.

Round One: Sandra, Aubry, and Troyzan
Ford: This is perfect! I’m going to work with Aubry. She doesn’t seem too threatening. She’s smart. She’s a good person to talk things through with. But, I can beat her. Troyzan will go to the end. He’s not going to win. He’s older and he’s kind of coo-coo. Nobody’s going to give him a million dollars and he can’t get to the end unless I take him. And I’m voting out Sandra because she’s won twice. She obviously knows how to do something right.

Round Two: Ciera, Malcolm, and Tai
Ford: Tai is my first boot. He’s already sneaking around talking to everyone and he’s too likable. He’s probably not that great in challenges. I can’t take Malcolm to the end. He might just win, but I would work with him. Ciera, I don’t know a lot about her. But I bet I could outtalk her any day. I’ll take her to the end.

Round Three: Caleb, Ozzy, and Brad
Ford: I’ll work with Ozzy, but I won’t take him to the end. I can already see us…we’re on the same page. We’re really similar. We both love nature, we can go fishing. I’d take Caleb to the end. I don’t think he’s going to play a better game than me. I’m not concerned about him. I’d boot Brad because I’d rather take Caleb to the end. I think Brad is more wise.

Round Four: JT, Andrea, and Tony
Ford: Ahh! Tony and JT are my first two boots.
Holmes: That’s not how it works.
Ford: OK, Tony is my first boot. I don’t want him slinking around. I’d take Andrea to the end. I don’t know a lot about her. She seems sweet enough, but I wouldn’t be concerned about going to the end with her. I’d work with JT. He’s a good guy.

Round Five: Cirie, Sarah, and Jeff
Ford: Jeff would be my first boot. I don’t really want him on my tribe in the first part of the game. His personality is already rubbing me raw. People cuss all the time, that’s fine. But he just cusses at odd times.
Holmes: You’ve got to earn your curses?
Ford: Exactly! Use them nicely. It’s ill-mannered. I already said I wanted to work with Cirie. I’d take her to the end, because I’d feel like I really did something if I beat Cirie. That may be kind of like…who’s that Asian guy that lost to Tony?
Holmes: Woo.
Ford: It might be kind of a Woo decision. But, I don’t think it would be. But just in case, I’ll just work with her. And I’ll take Sarah to the end because she’s a safer bet than Cirie.

Holmes: We’ve got two left. Work with one and boot the other.

Round Six: Sierra and Debbie
Ford: Boot Sierra and work with Debbie. I’m not working with Sierra.

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‘Survivor’ Castaway Hali – “(Dan’s) True Colors Leak in So Many Places”

April 9, 2015

"Survivor: Worlds Apart" (CBS)

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Man, I was loving me some Hali. She spent her days bodysurfing, she embraced her tribe’s peculiar name,and she compared “Survivor” to the Revolutionary War.

She’ll always be my Miss Merica.

I spoke to the latest castaway the morning after her elimination and asked her about the potential female alliance, the clash of the Super Fans, and Jenn’s magic idol finding skills…

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Gordon Holmes: So how does this work? Do you pour the whiskey directly on the ice cream?
Hali Ford: (Laughs) We put whiskey in everything at Ponderosa.
Holmes: I can respect that.

Holmes: You seemed shocked by last night’s vote. Was that because you thought they were targeting Jenn or Shirin or because you thought the Sierra alliance was going to pan out?
Ford: I thought that we at least had someone. I had so many plans going on. I thought the odds were good that at least one of them would keep me safe. The vote before? I thought I was going home. That was the only time I choked up in the whole game. By the time the next vote came around, I thought I’d established enough relationships that someone was going to take me along. Even if I was just going to be their groupie.
Holmes: What were some of these other options you’d been working on?
Ford: I was hoping Mike was going to pull through for me. We’d gone back and forth. Definitely Sierra. I thought she was on board. Will…I thought we were going to get Will back. And I’d been talking to Tyler. I didn’t think that I personally had Tyler, but I thought he considered me someone he could eventually pull onto his side.

Holmes: Let’s start with Will. Why was he so quick to leave the No Collars?
Ford: The only information that I have is that he was ready to play with grown-ups. That’s the only reason I’ve ever heard. It was surprising because there doesn’t seem like there was a reason. It wasn’t strategic. I’ve never heard a strategic reason.

Holmes: OK, this potential Mike alliance; how did that come about?
Ford: Mike and I went out on hunting expeditions and we got along well. He said he wanted to bring me along. I don’t know who else was a part of his big plan. But I knew I was on a sinking ship and I was trying to make whatever connections I could.

Holmes: When Jenn found the idol, she claimed that she used magic to find it. Why is production glossing over the fact that Jenn can do magic?
Ford: (Laughs) I think Jenn might be magic. When she said that, I believed her.
Holmes: How did she know that she was going to get the majority of the votes?
Ford: It was a crap shoot.
Holmes: That was a lucky guess?
Ford: She told me like five minutes before we went out that she had the idol. I told her to play it for herself, that’s her idol. The rumor was that I was going home. She went with her gut and that was right.

Holmes: Shirin is having a tough time out there. What is she doing that annoys people so much?
Ford: I understand that to some extent she did talk a lot. She’s an intelligent person. She seems to lack a social mirror in certain situations. On the other hand, I had no explanation for the level of venom that she elicited from so many people on this show. It blew me away and offended me. That’s why I was so drawn to her. In my mind, it offended my sense of justice because of how people were bullying her. It wasn’t warranted. She wasn’t that bad. Shirin is an intriguing, engaging person. She’s does have a lot of feminist ideas and voices them. Maybe we just have too much chauvinism on there to handle all of that.
Holmes: It was really uncomfortable watching Dan say that someone should slap Shirin. Is that something Dan keeps for his confessionals, or would you see some of that in his game?
Ford: Did you see the conversation he had with Sierra? His apology?
Holmes: “Apology.”
Ford: Dan…I didn’t spend a lot of time with Dan one on one, but his true colors leak in so many places.

Holmes: I visited the No Collar camp on day two of the game. There was a situation where I was in the woods with you and Vince and you were apologizing for the “Nina Incident.” Do you remember what that was?
Ford: (Laughs) Yeah…I told Nina that our loyalty to Vince was questionable and he got super paranoid.

Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association. We’ll start with Joe.
Ford:  Golden boy.
Holmes: Jenn?
Ford: Bitchin’.
Holmes: Mike?
Ford: Merica!
Holmes: Will?
Ford: Sly dog.
Holmes: Carolyn?
Ford: Mm…I have such a conflicted opinion about Carolyn. Mama C.
Holmes: Cop out. Tyler?
Ford: Shoulda, coulda, woulda.
Holmes: Nina?
Ford: Deceived.
Holmes: Rodney?
Ford: Ride or die, but not really.
Holmes: Vince?
Ford: Chill out.
Holmes: Let’s finish with Sierra.
Ford: Flippers can win.

Holmes: Let’s talk about Rodney. If you watch the show, he seems like a nightmare. But, when you meet him he’s a very personable, likable guy. What was your experience with him?
Ford: I love Rodney. Rodney is hilarious. Some of my best laughs from the whole show are from Rodney. He told stories that…I can’t believe this is real life. I also underestimated his gameplay. I thought he was dumb, but he’s not.

Holmes: As you’re watching the episodes and are privy to things you didn’t know before, what has been the biggest surprise?
Ford: I guess how much people hated Shirin. I was aware of it at the No Collar camp, but it’s inexplicable to me.
Holmes: Are you impressed that I remember her name and pronounce it correctly.
Ford: (Laughs) I am. You’re better at it than everyone in my hometown.

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‘Survivor’ No Collar Hali – People “Think I’m a Sweet, Pretty Southern Girl”

February 11, 2015

'Survivor: Worlds Apart' (CBS)

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Name: Hali Ford
Age: 25
Current Residence: San Francisco, California
Occupation: Law Student

Gordon Holmes: Tell me about your inspiration Clara S. Foltz.
Hali Ford: She’s the first female public defender. She made it legal for a woman to become a lawyer in California. She fought for that. And, she has more balls than most men.
Holmes: Is that something you share with her?
Ford: Oh yeah, passion has gotten me everything I have.

Holmes: You’re trained in jiu jitsu…
Ford: I ride motorcycles, I surf, I…walk.
Holmes: (Laughs) I eat lightning, I crap thunder, I walk.
Ford: (Laughs)
Holmes: You are clearly someone who should not be messed with.
Ford: You should steer clear.

Holmes: What are your first impressions of Nicaragua?
Ford: It’s a lot drier than I thought which is excellent. I don’t want it to rain. But, it’s killing me because all I’ve done is watch that surf. I’ve been drooling over it. But I’m ready to tear this land up and eat anything that crawls.
Holmes: Your intention is to build some kind of rudimentary surf board?
Ford: That’d be great, but I’d imagine I need to conserve my energy. So, I probably won’t.

Holmes: Pet peeves…wastes of time and resources…
Ford: Yes.
Holmes: Mediocrity…apathy…
Ford: Yes.
Holmes: You might run into some of that in the next 39 days.
Ford: And they’re going to get the boot.
Holmes: That’s the plan?
Ford: The boot.
Holmes: Someone gets in your way…
Ford: The boot…unless we need some stragglers for numbers. We’ll drag them along and feed them. But, they’ll be the outcasts.

Holmes: Are you a “Survivor” fan.
Ford: Yes, I am.
Holmes: For how long?
Ford: I started watching the show when I was nine. Then I took a reprieve and then I came back in in my twenties.
Holmes: You make me feel old.
Ford: (Laughs) One of the girls here started watching when she was three.
Holmes: How do you know that?
Ford: Cause she told me.
Holmes: How were you talking?
Ford: Not one of the girls on the show. One of the crew.
Holmes: Oh…that was almost scandalous.

Holmes: How do you feel about lying?
Ford: I anticipate I will have to. If I don’t need to, I won’t. It’s part of the game.
Holmes: Do you consider yourself a good liar?
Ford: I’m a notoriously good liar. There’s this game we play back home called, “Mafia” and nobody will play it with me because you have to lie. I win every time.
Holmes: How does Mafia work?

Ford: You’re assigned an identity. Usually two people are the Mafia, everyone else is a townsperson. There’s also a detective and an angel. There’s a narrator that says, “Town go to sleep.” And everyone goes to sleep. The Mafia wakes up, they make eye contact, then they point to someone to kill. When everyone wakes up, you talk to try to figure out who the Mafia is. The Mafia just has to lie and put it off on other people. I win every time.

Holmes: You’re an attractive young woman.
Ford: Thank you.
Holmes: Flirting is a tool people use to get ahead. Is that something you can see yourself doing?
Ford: Yeah. It’ll be part of my strategy if it needs to be. I’d rather keep this straight business. But, flirting may become my business.

Holmes: Any experience living in the outdoors?
Ford: Oh yeah. I hiked for two weeks in the Bolivian Andes. That was pretty rough. But, in general I’ve been growing up basically in the woods in Tennessee. Camping out every summer, summer camp…I also lived in Kauai and practically lived outside the whole year.

Holmes: If there is a twist, what do you think it’ll be?
Ford: Maybe they’re bring back Redemption Island. I wouldn’t be surprised. I don’t know.
Holmes: Do you think that’s an environment you’d do well in?
Ford: Oh yeah, I’m used to being the underdog. If I get voted out I’d love to be redeemed back on.  But, I’m not trying to jinx myself.
Holmes: Too late.

Holmes: Why do you think you were cast?
Ford: Because I’m weird.
Holmes: Yeah, you’re so weird.
Ford: (Laughs) Because it looks like I’m one thing, but I’m many different surprising things.
Holmes: What do people think you are?
Ford: Well, at first they probably think I’m a sweet, pretty southern girl. Then they hear that I’m a lawyer and they think, “Oh, this girl is a bitch.” And then they get to know me and they think, “This girl is a laid-back dude.”
Holmes: Hali Ford, laid-back dude.
Ford: (Laughs) Yeah.

Holmes: You gave the worst answer for “which ‘Survivor’ are you like.” You said Parvati…
Ford: Wait, I want to give another answer; Natalie.
Holmes: From Samoa?
Ford: No, from Fans vs. Favorites.
Holmes: Oh, Natalie Bolton. I like her because she embraced the bad-guy role.
Ford: I’m not saying I’m going to be a bad guy, but I liked the way she played.
Holmes: Alright, well I’d like to know which past Survivor you’d like to align with.
Ford: I’d like to align with Malcolm. He’s a solid dude, trustworthy, and someone that I’d like on a personal level. That’s what I’d want. I have my eye on someone like that already.
Holmes: Who’s that?
Ford: It’s the tall blonde dude. He’s really tall and muscular. He’s more quiet and stoic.

Holmes: What do you think of the rest of the cast?
Ford: We have a lot of personality on this cast. We have some snakes and some charmers. A lot of fun-loving people I think.
Holmes: Anyone else you’re thinking of working with?
Ford: The tall, blonde guy is my number one. There’s also a shorter, blonde haired girl who’s a lot of fun. She has a tree tattoo under her arm. I like her.
Holmes: Anyone you think is going to be trouble?
Ford: Well, there’s this guy with slicked-back black hair. He just looks like trouble. Mr. Casanova. I’m also watching…if my money wasn’t on me, it’d be on this blonde older lady. She’s not old, she’s a beautiful middle-aged woman.
Holmes: What is it about her that sticks out?
Ford: She’s older, so she’s wiser. But she also has cool vibes. She’s going to be able to get in with the young people. And she’s smart, I can see it in her eyes.

Holmes: Alright, let’s talk about how well you deal with some things you’re going to experience in the next few days. Sun and heat?
Ford: Get in the ocean, put on sunscreen.
Holmes: Starvation?
Ford: I will catch some animals and eat them.
Holmes: Piece of cake.
Ford: I’m going to build fish traps. Crabs will be a staple. I know how to set snares even though we can’t eat the monkeys, which was a major let down.
Holmes: You were excited to eat some monkeys “Temple of Doom” style?
Ford: There’s a lot of meat on them.
Holmes: Ugh…
Ford:  I spent a lot of time on my monkey snares.
Holmes: All that time wasted on monkey recipes.
Ford: Yeah!
Holmes: But what are you like when you don’t eat? Normally I’m a jerk. But when I don’t eat that goes to a higher level.
Ford: I’m the same way. I’m going to have to keep an eye on that.
Holmes: How do you deal with people you don’t trust?
Ford: I’m going to get as close to them as I can. I want them to love me.
Holmes: What about paranoia?
Ford: You have a plan. Plans soothe me. As soon as I see a problem I’m going to strategize around it.

Don’t miss the 90-minute premiere of “Survivor: Worlds Apart” on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at 8 pm ET on CBS.

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