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‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame: And the Best Tribal Council of All Time Is…

December 15, 2014

'Survivor' Hall of Fame 2014 Inductee: The Final Borneo Tribal Council (CBS)

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The candidates for the 2014 “Survivor” Hall of Fame were nominated by a panel of “Survivor” luminaries such as Host and Executive Producer Jeff Probst, Challenge Producer John Kirhoffer, Producers Jesse Jensen and Matt Van Wagenen, the current members of the “Survivor” Hall of Fame, the “Survivor” press corps, and XFINITY TV’s “Survivor” dork Gordon Holmes. Those nominees were then voted on by fans like you.

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The Class of 2010 included Parvati Shallow, Russell Hantz, Rob Mariano, Richard Hatch, and Sandra Diaz-Twine…

The Class of 2011 included Cirie Fields, Ozzy Lusth, and Tom Westman…

The Class of 2012 included Amanda Kimmel, Rob Cesternino, and Ethan Zohn…

The Class of 2013 included Kim Spradlin, John Cochran, and Jonny Fairplay…

And now, for the first time ever, the “Survivor” Hall of Fame is proud to honor a Tribal Council…

The nominee with the most votes was…the “Survivor: Borneo” Final Tribal Council!

What the fans said about the “Survivor: Borneo” Final Tribal Council…

“I remember quoting Sue’s ‘Rats and Snakes’ speech with my coworkers for weeks afterwards. Iconic!” – Kathy

“Sue’s speech remains one of the most cutthroat moment in reality TV history. Never before have we witnessed someone lash out such an intense speech on our television sets before. Iconic and one of the biggest moments in the show’s history.” – TJ

“If the Borneo Tribal doesn’t make it into the ‘Survivor’ Hall of Fame, the voters deserve no water. They should just lay there and let the buzzards do what they will with them.” – Erin

What the Executive Voting Committee said about the “Survivor: Borneo” Final Tribal Council…

Dalton Ross – Entertainment Weekly – “Over 54 million people watched the season 1 finale in which Richard Hatch faced off against Kelly Wigglesworth with a million dollars on the line. And 54 million mouths dropped wide open when Sue Hawk delivered her infamous ‘rat and snake’ speech. And they dropped even wider when the show’s villain — Hatch — walked away with the loot.”

Rob Cesternino – “Survivor” Hall of Fame: Class of 2012 – “When I was in college, we forgot to pay the cable bill and our TV service was shut off.  I had a VHS tape of the finale of the first ‘Survivor’ and we watched it over and over.  At one point, I had Sue’s whole speech committed to memory.”

Parvati Shallow – “Survivor” Hall of Fame: Class of 2010 – “The very first season of ‘Survivor’ rocked my world even though I didn’t see it until a week before boarding my plane to the Cook Islands. When Sue Hawk tore into the final two, describing her desire to ‘watch the snake eat the rat,’ she spoke to the raw emotion people feel upon being voted out or betrayed. That was my first glimpse into the heavy reality of competing in the ‘Survivor’ arena.”

Be sure to check back Tuesday to see the second member of the “Survivor” Hall of Fame Class of 2014.

And, don’t miss the finale of “Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs. Water” this Wednesday at 8p ET on CBS.

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