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Who Does Jeff Probst Think Would Do Well in a Celebrity Edition of ‘Survivor’?

December 24, 2012

Jeff Probst and Neil Patrick Harris (CBS)

With all of the excitement surrounding the “Survivor” Hall of Fame 2012 induction process, the “Survivor” Question of the Week was postponed and we ended up having some leftovers. Now, normally you have to wait until after the holidays to enjoy some leftovers, but we’re going to dish these out now…

Which speech/question is the all-time jury jaw-dropper?

Gordon Holmes: You’d think that after 24 seasons someone would be able to top Sue Hawk’s dressing down of Kelly Wigglesworth, but it still hasn’t happened. Sue’s snake-eating-the-rat, leave-you-dead-on-the-side-of-the-road masterpiece has yet to be touched. The angry bar was set high that evening.
Jeff Probst: Yes, I’d have to agree that since Sue’s speech it’s been a series of people attempting to recreate it and it just doesn’t work.  I wish the jury would stop trying to make great “speeches” and just have an honest dialogue.  But it’s just too tempting because it’s their last shot to make an impression.  Sue’s speech is also helped by the context of it being the final episode of our first season.  The heat around the show was insane.  I remember people talking about that and mocking it for years.

What is the most dastardly move in “Survivor” history?

Holmes: There have been some strong contenders since we did this last; Corinne Kaplan’s Tribal Council speech about Sugar’s dad, “Hero” James Clement  bullying Stephenie LaGrossa, basically everything Russell Hantz did ever. But, it always comes back to Dre “Dreamz” Heard accepting Yau-Man Chan’s truck reward and then stabbing him in the back during “Survivor: Fiji.” For some reason, the dishonest acceptance of something that has monetary value outside of the game is where I draw the line.
Probst: Well, this question is clearly flawed because it requires us both to have the same definition of dastardly and believe that it’s even possible to make a dastardly move in “Survivor.”  If you consider dastardly to mean a combination of cowardice and evil then I must say Mr. Holmes that I cannot think of a move that qualifies.  This is “Survivor.”  Anything goes.  Everybody knows that going in so it’s hard to put a judgment on it. Even Dreamz move to take the car and vote out Yau-Man was really just another day on “Survivor.”  Hmm…maybe this is why I host and don’t play.

What is the scariest moment in “Survivor” history?

Holmes: Michael Skupin’s fall into the fire used to hold this title, but my blood ran cold the first time I watched Russell Swan’s eyes roll back into his head during “Survivor: Samoa.” I watched it knowing I’d be talking to him the next day, I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like for you to have been there in person.  
Probst: No question – Russell Swan.  For one reason; I thought he was dying.  We knew Skupin was severely injured but we knew he would live — but I thought Swan was gone.  In those few seconds so many things rushed through my head.  I am so grateful that we have an amazing medical team who was right there and saved his life.

Which celebrity do you think could excel at “Survivor”?

Holmes: Of all the names I’ve heard tossed about in a hypothetical “Celebrity Survivor,” I’m going to go with Neil Patrick Harris. He seems to fall into a few sweet spots that I look for. First of all, he’s fit, but not so fit that others would find him intimidating. From what I’ve heard he’s a fan of the show, so he’d be up on the latest strategies. He’s seen the ups and downs of a Hollywood career so he’s used to some adversity. He seems like someone who can relate to people of all ages. And, the grueling grind of a Broadway schedule will probably have him prepared for the endurance necessary to survive 39 days in the middle of nowhere.
Probst: Funny, I would say Neil too.  He’s very likable.  I also think Jimmy Fallon would do very well.  I think Alex Trebek would be first out due to his bossiness but I’d love to see it.  Jimmy Kimmel would hate it but I’d love to see him out there.  The truth is most celebrities don’t really want to do it because you really stand to lose a lot.  This game will kick the ass of the most fit, most patient, most loving people.  It just doesn’t care.  It will beat you down until you beg for mercy and even then quite often we just pick you up and send you back to camp.

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