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‘Survivor’ Power Rankings: Tocantins Favorite Tamara ‘Taj’ George

May 12, 2010

Apollo Creed: When you won that last fight you won by one second, you beat me by one second, one second that’s very hard for a man of my intelligence to handle.
Rocky Balboa: Didn’t you say after I beat you that you learned to live with it?
Apollo Creed: I lied.

Last season, Tamara “Taj” George beat me by one point to claim both the title of “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings champion and the coveted Probsty Award. That makes her the Italian Stallion and me the Count of Monte Fisto

The Rules: Each week a member of our “Survivor” All-Star team and your beloved “Survivor” recapper Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if Jerri is voted out this week, Fancast’s “Survivor” All-Star Team and Gordon will both receive 4 points. At the end of the season, the person (or team) with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Tocantins finalist Stephen Fishbach had Candice in spot eight and Danielle in spot six for a total of fourteen points while I had Candice in spot five and Danielle in spot two for seven points. The current score is now All Stars 105, Team Gordon 118.

OK, before we get into this anticipated rematch, let’s check in with the lovely and talented Tamara “Taj” George

Gordon Holmes: Where do you keep your Probsty Award?  I’m going to assume it has a place of honor on the mantle.
Tamara “Taj” George:
I keep my Probsty Award over my fireplace with a light shining on it so everyone can see my accomplishment!
Gordon: Really?
Taj: Honestly, there’s no light.

Gordon: What’ve you been up to since your glorious Probsty Award victory?
First, I left that night for Asia with SWV, then I had to go back and forth between Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York for work.  I finally landed back in Nashville just in time to have knee surgery for a torn ACL that I suffered fighting over a candy cane on December 26th.  Before you ask, it was organic!

Gordon: Russell was responsible for all of your Tocantins buddies being voted out of “Survivor.” Do you think he has what it takes to win this season?
Russell convinced everyone to vote out my guys and everyone else.  He’ll never win the million dollars if he continues to make enemies on the jury. JT and Stephen were mostly worried that everyone liked me too much in the end and were convinced the jury would vote for me.  So, as much as I hated being blindsided by my younger brothers, I did understand. I still love them and I’m so happy for JT’s win.

Gordon: By my count there have been 147 immunity idols in the past season.  Do you think that’s too many?
I definitely don’t think there could ever be too many immunity idols.  They keep the game interesting.  I especially loved the move that Parvati pulled with the double idols.  Sweet!

Tamara ‘Taj’ George’s Picks
All-Star Team’s Current Score: 105

sandra #1 Sandra: I think Sandra is going to hold onto that idol until she absolutely needs it.  She’s a great player and very underestimated.
parvati #2 Parvati: If Russell is the “Prince” of “Survivor,” Parvati is the “Queen!”  She’s going toe to toe with Russell and it’s driving him crazy.  Since she’s already won a million dollars I doubt the jury will award her twice.
russell(2) #3 Russell: Russell is sneaky enough to maneuver his way back into the final two or three.  Because of his aggressive play, I would be shocked if someone can pull a fast one to put him on the jury.
jerri #4 Jerri: With Jerri voting out Parvati’s sidekick her loyalty to anyone is up in the air.  With that being said, she’ll be around until no one needs her vote which does not included the final two or three.  She was always on the tail end of Parvati, Danielle, and Russell’s original alliance anyway.
colby #5 Colby: Simply because he’s a “Hero” and worked against the “Villains” since the merge. Russell will use him to try to rally against Parvati according to last week’s preview.  Colby is just not cold-hearted enough to play with Russell and Parvati.
rupert #6 Rupert: This guy is becoming one of my favorite Survivors.  I would’ve loved to play with him.  I loved the way he stood up to Russell and creates ways to stay alive.  The fake idol was priceless.  Unfortunately, he’s way too nice of a guy to play hardball with Russell and Parvati.

Gordon Holmes’s Picks
Gordon’s Current Score: 118

sandra #1 Sandra: Sandra’s been up and down this list more times than I can count. Just when I think she’s finally on the outs, she manages to stick around. And now that she’s got that immunity idol she’s an easy pick for the final four. Add to that the fact that she’s a former champion and that makes her an attractive pick to take to the end.
russell(2) #2 Russell: Russell will not be receiving a check from Jeff Probst at the end of this season. His little rant against Rupert is just the latest piece of damning evidence in the case of Russell vs. The Feelings of the Jury. In fact, if I were in the game, I’d be doing everything I could to take Russell to the end.
parvati #3 Parvati: I was tempted to put Parvati lower on this list, but there’s a reason Russell went after Danielle instead of her. I don’t know what that reason is (maybe he wants to take a former champion to the end) but there’s some reason.
jerri #4 Jerri: I think Jerri is going to walk out of “Heroes Vs. Villains” a rich woman. I don’t know how the fallout from the Russell/Parvati feud is going to be settle, but I’m pretty sure the order of vote-ability (meaning the likelihood that person will win if they get to the final) is Colby/Rupert/Jerri/Sandra/Parvati/Russell. And I don’t think there’s any way they’ll let Colby or Rupert get to the finals.
colby #5 Colby: I never thought I’d hear the words “Colby sucks at challenges” in the game of “Survivor,” but I think I heard it about 40 times last week. Nobody is worried about him or his game, and if Danielle and Candice are to be believed, he checked out a loooong time ago. However, getting Colby out of the game isn’t the Villains’ top priority.
rupert #6 Rupert: Right now getting Rupert out of the game is the Villains’ top priority. In a Hero-heavy jury he’d be sure to garner a lot of votes. I’m thinking his time is probably up.

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‘Survivor: Samoa’ Power Rankings Challenge: Round 5

October 21, 2009

The Rules: Each week, “Survivor: Tocantins’s” Tamara “Taj” George and your beloved “Survivor” recapped Gordon “Truth Seeker” Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of that Thursday’s episode will determine the number of points the two combatants will earn. For example, if John is voted out this week, Taj will receive 5 points and Gordon will receive 8 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Samoa” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Ashley was sent packing earning Taj 13 points and Gordon 15 points. The current score is now Taj: 67, Gordon: 73.

Taj’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 2 Russell H.: I would love to be able to see everyone’s face after watching each episode and listening to Russell’s verbal assaults towards them.  I would feel like such an idiot for trusting him.  He’s grabbing the strings over his tribe once again.  I love the way he threatened Liz.  For a second, I was a little nervous.  I wanted to apologize for Liz and ask for his forgiveness.  No one is really challenging him.  I really can’t see anyone from Foa Foa challenging him anytime soon.
2 1 Erik: I like his spunk.  He has a HII and he’s playing a great low-key game.  He may have rubbed a few folks the wrong way on his tribe here and there but nothing to complain about.  I want him to go far.
3 3 Dave: Now, if no one else sees the similarities between Dave and Coach, you’re crazy!  This guy refuses to start a fire unless the leader asks him personally.  I was having flashbacks.  He’s a quiet Coach.  Coach would’ve demanded to be the leader and then refused to do any work.  Still, very similar.  Lol!  He’s still an asset until the merge.
4 5 Brett: As long as Brett follows what everyone else is doing and saying, he should be safe until the merge when he’ll actually have to think for himself.
5 4 John: I like how John stepped to the back to let everyone else make all of the moves.  He’s doing what he’s told and pulling his weight.  Good boy!
6 11 Laura: I like her as well.  She’s very intense at times.  I think if she can make it to the merge, she will step up big time to surprise a few people.
7 12 Kelly: I don’t believe one word on her tattoos.  She should have a tattoo across her chest that says “Follower”.  She hasn’t done anything but follow the 90210 pack.
8 15 Monica: Monica redeemed herself last week with the food challenge.  Your girls are still covering for you when you fall short.  Enjoy the game.  At least until your tribe starts to lose and it comes down to them or you.
9 7 Mick: At some point, I want Mick to get into the game.  He’s such a nice guy.  I would love to hang out with him.  He’s definitely strong in challenges but what difference does it make if your tribe consistently loses.  If he doesn’t grow some balls he’ll be voted out shortly after the merge.
10 8 Jaison: I can’t believe Jaison didn’t quit last week.  After that storm and losing the challenge, my vote was for Jaison to quit because he just couldn’t take it anymore.  He’s voiced his opinion enough to make him a good mark for the jury or the last person to make the vacation trip.
11 9 Elizabeth: Finally a glimpse of her sassiness.  She’s on to Evil Russell, which is a positive for viewers but might not work well for her.  So far, everyone that has challenged Evil Russell has been sent home.  So why do I have her so high on the list?  Watch your back, Liz.
12 14 Shannon: Somehow, after losing the equipment and food supply she’s still around.  Mostly because her tribe can’t lose an immunity challenge and she’s pretty strong in challenges.  It looks like Russell may have to leave the game for medical reasons but the tribe may still vote for Shambo at tribal.
13 6 Russell S: From the look of this week’s preview, Russell S may become another statistic.  He’s not really leading his tribe, Shambo would gladly write his name down and his tribe doesn’t respect his leadership.  It’s really just a matter of time and judging from the preview, it might be this week.
14 12 Natalie: She’s not very strong in the challenges, she helped vote out her closest ally in Ashley and her tribe consistently loses.  If Foa Foa loses this week, I think she will be voted out before Shambo.  Evil Russell would prefer to have Shambo at camp distracting everyone else with her antics than Natalie who could potentially expose him.

Gordon’s Picks:

Rank Last Week Contestant Comment
1 1
Russell H.: Boy, just wait until Foa Foa figures out all of the rotten things Russell’s been doing…right? But what if they never find out? Every contestant I’ve interviewed has made it sound like they had no idea the kind of game Russell was playing. Ashley even went so far as to call him (gag) “Sweet.”
2 2 Dave: The 90210ers are ruling the roost over at Galu. They’re going to go into the merge with a serious numbers advantage, and I stand by my belief that Dave is the one pulling the strings over there.
3 3 Erik: Erik is still a bit of a wildcard for me. He’s smart enough to have the hidden immunity idol, but he seems to have little fits every now and then. I think he’s super safe for the time being, so I’ll keep him toward the top of this list.
4 4 Brett: Still don’t have much of a handle on Mr. T-Shirt Designer. But he doesn’t seem to be rubbing anyone the wrong way, so I’ll assume he’s safe.
5 5 Laura: If Dave is the Brad Pitt of the super couple that is the 90210 alliance, then I’m thinking Laura is the Angelina Jolie. She’s probably being very motherly toward the youngsters like Monica, Kelly, and Brett.
6 10 Natalie: OMG, Natalie lost her BFF. OK, that’s enough of that. So, what’s next for Natalie now that Ashley’s torch has been extinguished? I think she’s safe as long as Elizabeth is around, but if there isn’t a merge soon she could be in big trouble.
7 9 Mick: Ah…good old Done-After-the-Merge Mick. (And yes, I intend to have a new nickname for him every week until he’s voted out.) What has he done on the show besides smartly ignore the leadership role that was thrust upon him? Not much.
8 7 John: For the first time this week, I tried to write my power rankings without having the tribe lists in front of me. I remembered everyone except for John. C’mon, John! Calculate the polarity of coconut or something! Give me something to work with!
9 6 Kelly: Yes, I’m aware there’s someone on this show named Kelly. That puts her one above John on my player notoriety radar. But no, I don’t have a good reason for ranking her 9th.
10 11 Monica: Despite messing up that challenge a few weeks ago, Monica wasn’t in any real danger of being voted off. The 90210ers saved her. If her alliance can stay together through the merge, she’s the type that can coast to the final four.
11 12 Jaison: Jaison seems to be having a tough time of it out in Samoa. I’ve never had to endure 48 straight hours of rain, but I can’t imagine it’s a lot of fun. I don’t think Jaison will quit, but I do think he’ll have the biggest smile on his face when he’s finally voted out.
12 14 Shannon: Sorry Shambo, no BBQ for you. The move by Russell S. to send her to Foa Foa told me two things. Russell S. is trying to win over some of the 90210ers and that Shambo doesn’t have any more friends at Galu. She’s definitely gone once Galu loses immunity.
13 8 Russell S.: If this week’s previews are to be believed, Russell S. is going down hard during a challenge. Hopefully he’ll get to stay in the game, but Probst has been saying this is the worst accident he’s ever seen. Worse than Michael Skupin falling into the fire in Australia? That’s saying a lot.
14 13 Elizabeth: I don’t get the feeling that Elizabeth is very well liked over at Foa Foa. Add to that her little spat with Evil Russell and she’s a prime target to go home the next time Foa Foa loses immunity.

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