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Five Good Songs from Fictional Artists

January 19, 2012

You know what I hate about “Entourage?”

(Wait, that blog would take months to write and we don’t have that kind of time.)

You know one of the big things I hate about “Entourage”?

Adrian Grenier doesn’t have the talent to make me believe that Vincent Chase is a good actor.  It destroys my suspension of disbelief to listen to the other characters talk about how he’s one role away from an Oscar.

That and E. I f’n hate E. How anyone could spend more than five minutes with that douche and not wring his neck is beyond me.

(Wow, we’re way off topic.)

Anywho, what I’m getting at is it really helps an entertainment-themed piece when the characters can back up the praise that gets heaped on them. Here are five talents that I think pull it off nicely…


Four Reasons Not to Be Mad at Tom Hanks for ‘Larry Crowne’

July 6, 2011

Tom Hanks’s latest directorial effort “Larry Crowne” was stomped into the ground this past weekend by a pack of poorly written transforming robots…

And it only received a 35% rating on…

And the trailer featured around forty of Julia Roberts’s trademark awkward laughs…

But there are still some reasons to love the guy, right?


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