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One Reason Why ‘Glee’ Doesn’t Annoy the Crap Out of Me

February 9, 2011

WordPress has a function that allows you to see the search terms people have used to find your site. For the past seven days, this is what my top ten list has looked like…

1. Reasons Why Glee Is Rubbish
2. Marshmallow Woman
3. Marshmallow Sailor
4. Senor Chang Elf
5. Stay Puft
6. Glee Is Rubbish
7. Glee Annoys Me
8. Glee Club Sucks
9. Glee Is Crap
10. Glee Crap

The reason for ‘Glee’s’ multiple showings on this list is clearly the piece I wrote entitled ‘Seven Reasons Why ‘Glee’ Annoys the Crap Out of Me.’

Now, while I don’t think ‘Glee’ has done much to alleviate my concerns I will give them credit for one thing; every now and then they do show you something you’ve never seen before.


7 Reasons Why ‘Glee’ Annoys the Crap Out of Me

October 19, 2010

Some guys hate it when people break into random songs on stage or in movies.

Not this guy.

I’ve even broken into some random songs myself. During my time on stage I’ve stolen a courtesan from the House of Marcus Lycus, managed the oldest, established, permanent floating crap game in New York, and sexually harassed Marian the librarian at her place of business.

Not only that, I hopped on the college acapella bandwagon a few years ago. A quick look at my iPad will reveal songs by the Freshman Fifteen, the MIT Logarythms, and the Clef Hangers.

So, why don’t I love “Glee”? Well, I’ll tell you…

Note: Before we get into this mess, I realize you’re probably saying, “Gordon, why are you watching a show that drives you nuts?” To which I reply, “For the same reason I watch ‘Entourage,’ because I believe it has the potential to be really good.”


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