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‘Survivor’ Castaway Interview: Julie Wolfe

April 28, 2011

To put “Boston” Rob Mariano’s post-merge performance into baseball terms; the guy is throwing a complete game shutout. Julie Wolfe? She was just another Zapateran infielder who wasn’t able to make solid contact.

I had a chance to speak with Julie the morning after her elimination to find out why she couldn’t crack Rob’s Ometepe alliance, why she chose not to align with Russell, and what it was like to witness Phillip’s fury first hand…

Gordon Holmes: I spoke with Russell a few weeks ago and he believed that the two of you could have gone all the way. What was your reasoning behind avoiding Russell’s alliance?
Julie Wolfe:
You know Gordon, I’ve always been a big fan of Russell. I actually like the way he plays the game. But, I just did not trust him and I didn’t want to be one of his victims. And I’d made, not just an alliance, but really good friends with Mike and Steve and I just didn’t want to break their trust. Never was there one second where I was going to go against my alliance.
Gordon: Oh, c’mon. What has Russell ever done to make it seem like he was untrustworthy?
Julie: (Laughs) Yeah, Russell gives you that handshake and then he has his fingers crossed behind his back. I don’t have any second thoughts or regrets about voting Russell off. I do have regrets about throwing that challenge.  The reward was so great, having a tarp and blanket would have made a big difference in our game and our attitude.

Gordon: It seems like the Zapaterans had no luck whatsoever making any inroads with Ometepe. What kinds of moves were you trying to make to crack that alliance?
Once Matt got sent back to Redemption we pretty much knew there wasn’t going to be much of an opportunity to break that alliance, they were so strong. And like I said, they seemed like a cult. There were a couple of times where I tried to align with the women, and they didn’t want anything to do with me. We knew they were going to start picking us off, but we thought I was going to be last.
Gordon: Why do you think you went before Steve and Ralph?
Julie: I think Rob got wind that I wanted a female alliance. Steve wanted to go home and I was trying everything I could not to go home. I think Rob saw that as a threat.

Gordon: You were there for the blow up between Phillip and Steve. What was your take on what went down there? What were you feeling during that uncomfortable situation?
It started off with the Ometepe tribe, I’m not going to say Murlonio tribe because we were always two separate tribes. They wanted to put their rice in with our rice. And we were like, “No, heck no, we’re not doing that.” And somehow it became a racial war. It was just an ugly, ugly atmosphere. It’s just a really uncomfortable situation, I just wanted to remove myself. It definitely was not a race issue. I was pretty disgusted with the whole thing.
Gordon: It was uncomfortable to watch. I felt horrible for the rest of the evening.
Julie: Yeah, it was very uncomfortable. I was like, “Please make it stop.”

Gordon: On the lighter side, what were you thinking when Phillip showed up to Redemption Island wearing his missing shorts?
(Laughs) When he showed up to Redemption Island…at that point I was so happy to be removed from all of that tension. So you know what? I was glad he found his shorts because nobody wants to see him in his disgusting pink panties. So whether your great great grandfather or if one of the guys told him, I was happy for him.
Gordon: I want you to know what I was going through. When you first hid them I thought it was hilarious. But on the other hand I thought, “Julie, how can you do this to us, the viewers? How can you sentence us to more of the pink panties?” Were you worried about my feelings when you did that?
Julie: (Laughs) I just wanted to get back at him. But you know what? He has a pair of jeans. He has the option to wear his jeans. He’s just out there for attention.

Gordon: OK, then I can’t be too mad at you. Let’s try some word association here. We’ll start off with Boston Rob.
Gordon: Andrea?
Julie: Untrustworthy.
Gordon: Grant?
Julie: Awesome.
Gordon: Steve?
Julie: He’s just a great guy.
Gordon: Ralph?
Julie: Does it have to be one word?
Gordon: I don’t want to get too strict. You say what you need to say.
Julie: (Laughs) Ralph is the hardest working man on this planet.
Gordon: Matt?
Julie: Loyal to his God, faithful.
Gordon: Phillip?
Julie: Crazy, lunatic.
Gordon: Mike?
Julie: Respect. I have nothing but respect for that man.
Gordon: Phillip’s pink panties?
Julie: Disgusting.
Gordon: And Natalie?
Julie: Immature.

Gordon: Last night you said you came on the show for the money. Did you find anything else while you were out there that can help you?
I didn’t go there to make friends or for the experience or to be on TV. But, I realized that I was there on “Survivor” for a reason. I have a reborn relationship with God. I found a great church, and that’s worth way more than a million dollars.

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