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‘Survivor’ Castaway Lindsey – ‘I Was Going to Kick the **** Out of (Trish)’

March 27, 2014

Lindsey Ogle and Jeff Probst (CBS)

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Getting on “Survivor” is really hard. Before Jeff Probst ever hands you a buff you have to go through interviews and more interviews, and tests, and shots, and crazy travel. It’s way intense.

So, for Lindsey to quit because she was worried about “flipping out” on Trish should tell you a lot about their relationship.

I spoke to the latest in the disturbingly long list of “Survivor” quitters the morning after she decided to pack it in. We had a chance to talk about her big decision, Probst’s reaction, and a challenge for her former Brawny buddy…

Gordon Holmes: Fill me in on this feud.
Lindsey Ogle: Trish and I were like fire and ice from the beginning. Have you ever met someone before where you don’t get along, and you know it, and it’s like a mosquito bite in your eyeball. You just want to (Screams). She was one of those that would stand up and watch people work and instruct. I didn’t get it. I didn’t have any respect for her.
Holmes: Clashing personalities is one of the reasons “Survivor” is still on 100 seasons later.
Ogle: You see it on the show and you’re like, “Oh well, it’s not that bad.” Oh gosh, it got to the point where I thought I was going to pull all of my hair out. We didn’t get along, she didn’t respect me.  I didn’t respect me. She kicked me when I was down. We hadn’t eaten, we hadn’t slept. And Cliff had just been blindsided. And it wasn’t because of Cliff that I threw in the towel. It was about whether or not I should stay and put up with it. But, the hands started shaking, I was sweating, I started pacing. I was almost to the point where…you get really primitive out there. I’m going to rip her face off. That’s how I seriously felt. I have a seven-year-old girl, and there’s a line that you cannot cross. She’s going to look at this and say, “My mom was a jerk. She beat up this thin, older lady. Not cool.” If it cost me a million dollars then…it’s a million-dollar lesson.

Holmes: Let’s be perfectly clear, when you used the term “flipping out” you literally meant you were going to physically assault Trish.
Ogle: Oh, I was going to kick the (expletive deleted) out of her.
Holmes: (Laughs)
Ogle: A lot of people who know me…I have man strength. It’s the first time in eight years that I’ve thought, “I’m going to cut you. I’m going to beat the snot out of you.” And I hate saying that, but that’s what was going through my mind. And it wasn’t some 30-second argument.  I was worried about her well-being.
Holmes:  Reality TV exists exists because they take two people from different walks of life who might not get along and put them in a situation together. Did you ever dream that they could find someone who would have you reacting this way?
Ogle: I have to deal with a lot of people in my job. I thought, “They could stick me with anybody.”

Holmes: “Survivor” fans hate quitters. What reaction have you been getting?
Ogle: People are saying, “Do you know how many people wanted to be on that show?” I get it. Do you know what I had to do to get on the show? I went through months of ridiculous crap. You have to drop everything you’re doing. I lost thousands of dollars because I have to work. I understand, I get where you’re coming through. In my real life I don’t quit. I did not quit for me.
Holmes: Jeff Probst has been harsh to quitters in the past. But, he seemed very even tempered with you last night. Was there something we didn’t see? Was he worried you’d beat him up?
Ogle: It’s all edited to make the storyline what it needs to be. And I understand that. I was thinking about staying and I kept toying with it. He and I had a basic understanding. He knew it wasn’t because I was some wimp little girl. He was kind of like, “I respect you for that.” And he did say that there hasn’t been anyone who’s quit because they were worried about hurting someone else. And a lot of social media people are saying, “What a lame excuse. You’re so weak.” If you knew my right hook you would think that was the best for everyone involved.

Holmes: Quickly jumping back into the game, did you know that Tony had found an idol?
Ogle: There were talks. Everybody kind of plays their own game. I thought people were being a little too cool about it. There was gossip. I figured he wasn’t the only person with one. There was a little bit of a security blanket. I had suspicions and those suspicions ended up being right.

Holmes: Alright, let’s try some word association. We’ll start with Woo.
Ogle: Ninja calm.
Holmes: LJ?
Ogle: Country man.
Holmes: Sarah?
Ogle: Backstabber.
Holmes: Jefra?
Ogle: I guess…honky tonk.
Holmes: Tony?
Ogle: Manipulative.
Holmes: Cliff?
Ogle: Silent one.
Holmes: Trish?
Ogle: Bitch. (Laughs) I’m kidding, I would probably say “mean girls.”

Holmes: You said you were getting grief on social media. Do you have any kind of message you’d like to send out to people who disagree with your move?
Ogle: Yeah, I know that quitters have a bad rep, but I feel like there are reasons behind it. And people need to look at the value of a million dollars isn’t the same for everybody. I know that I learned a couple of really great lessons. Maybe that’s what I needed in my choices. I know that Trish has been saying a lot of things on social media, and any time she wants to, we can get a ref, we’ll put on some 12-ounce gloves. That’d be something fun for me. Sarah’s a different story, I’m not messing with Sarah. But if Trish has as much muscle in her arms as she does in her mouth it could be a pretty good spar.
Holmes: You have to pitch that to Probst for the finale.
Ogle: I would love to do that! Grudge matches of “Survivor.”

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